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Home Brite Roof Cleaning and Powerwashing, LLC is a full service company that offers power washing for most surfaces of your home and business. This includes molds and moss removal.

When surfaces are beyond cleaning Home Brite can repair, repaint or rebuild surfaces.

Let Home Brite rejuvenate your home.

Home Brite can keep you warm during the winter with a wide array of seasoned firewood delivered and stacked.

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Home Brite Roof Cleaning and Power Washing is New Jersey's premier exterior home cleaning company. We are a family owned company that gets the job done with pride. We have a well trained professional staff that is personable. We're proud when we give your house that new look again. We are a licensed and fully insured contractor serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Call 732-WASH-GUY for an absolutely free estimate. Call 732-696-8746  or call our Corporate Headquarters in Central New Jersey 732- 213-2534


Roof Cleaning (Non Pressure)

                           Black Streaks On Your Roof - It's Algae

Believe it or not, those black streaks only appear on roofs in certain areas of the country. (Those that tend to be the most humid.) Furthermore, they will only appear on the0 north side of the roof.

The black streaks are also known as black algae or roof mold. Technically, the black streaks on roofs are a form of algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma.

These roof-invaders require a moisture-rich environment, usually supplied by dew and shade. The first stains usually appear on the north-facing sides of a roof, which receives less light, and in areas with heavy tree coverage. Algae travels through the air, so if one neighbor receives a few spores, the whole neighborhood will soon be sporting the black streaks. Unfortunately, they love to feed on the calcium carbonate contained in most asphalt shingles.

 According to Tom Bollnow of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), "The algae is mostly an aesthetic nuisance, although with time, the moisture retained in the algae can prematurely age the shingles."



Home Brite Roof Cleaning and Power Washing, LLC is professional. Our staff is courteous, prompt and well trained. When we make appointments, we take them serious and arrive at the expected time. When our vehicles arrive you will know who we are because they are clearly marked. We understand how important keeping your home looking inviting, clean and fresh.


Did you know that pressure washing areas around your home adds up to 10 percent to your homes value? Mildew, dirt and pollen on vinyl siding gives homes a grungy look. Mildew, mold and moss on decks traps water causing the wood to slowly rot. In addition, they make a deck slippery creating the potential for injury to yourself, your family and guests. Home Brite Roof Cleaning and Power Washing has years of experience pressure washing decks, concrete driveways, walkways, all siding, and roofing.








Home Brite Roof Cleaning and Power Washing will pressure wash your deck, house siding, sidewalks, driveways and patios using our specially formulated cleaner. If your home has gutters have moss, don't worry we can clean them also.

Another area homeowners often overlook is the roof. If mold, lichen or moss grow on a roof, they can cause the granular surface of a shingle to deteriorate. Cleaning removes stains and fungi, but done incorrectly it can damage the shingles. Home Brite Roof Cleaning and Power Washing knows the way to clean a roof without doing any harm. We will make your roof look like new.

Call 732.696.8746 or email us to find out how he can boost your homes value, while removing mold and mildew from your outdoor living areas.



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The American Museum of Natural History is a landmark of Manhattan's Upper West Side in New York, at 79th Street and Central Park West. The Museum is famous for its habitat groups of African, Asian and North American mammals, for the full-size model of a Blue Whale suspended.



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 Atlantic City was closed for days during Hurricane Sandy but you wouldn't know it when visiting today. The famous boardwalk to the punishment and survived as did the many vendors along it.

 Casinos are more aggressive in attracting visitors with famous entertainers and great offers for gamblers. The Miss America Pageant is also back. Trolley Tours operates "Atlantic City Line Runs" click here for schedule.

In Monmouth County more great attractions like Point Pleasant, Sandy Hook State Park and Count Basie Theater to name a few.


The National September 11 Memorial Museum serves as the country's principal institution concerned with exploring the implications of the events of 9/11, documenting the impact of those events and exploring 9/11's continuing significance.

The Museum displays artifacts associated with the events of 9/11, while presenting stories of loss and recovery. Tickets include the 9/11 Memorial.



Since 1981, Hunterdon Hills Playhouse Dinner Theatre has welcomed and entertained millions of enthusiastic patrons. Hunterdon Hills Playhouse is New Jersey’s premier dining showplace offering the ultimate dinner theatre experience.


Enjoy All Washington DC Has To Offer and Stay Warm!



 LBI has a lot to offer families, young adults and teens. Save gas and take the short drive to LBI and enjoy the great beaches, restaurants, Cool Bars and Live Music Venues. 

 LBI also offers Good Stuff For Kids Like Water Park and Miniature Golf and plenty of sun and beaches for that natural tan. For the evening enjoy and bite to eat and for the kids Fantasy Island makes a great stop for rides and games of change. For the of age crowed the many bars and night clubs and be safe use Trolley Tours offers a well service called "Dial-and-Ride"  and is a great way to get around the island, especially is your visiting the many local bars and nightclubs. Click here for a current list of some of businesses that are open.




Long Beach Island Is Open For Business

 For more information about LBI and the area visit Southern Chamber of Commerce and LBI Business Group. Trolley Tours, Inc. is a active member.





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